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Know your project cost before you put it out to bid
- when you know what to expect you are empowered
- we have your back.

We did a bid for $159,000 in five days. The borrower had her own contractor who took 4.5 weeks to turn in their bid at $298,000. It didn't take long for her to realize the contractor wasn't doing her any favors. We got the job done for $161,000.

Why use us?

1) We have more experience than the competition. 22 years and counting.

2) We provide a bid within a few days while others may not provide a bid at all, or worse yet, wait for the contractor to bid the job first.

3) You might say "we wrote the book on it". You can order that book at Amazon.com

4) We typically save our clients 3-5 x our fee and sometimes lots more.

5) We provide allot more than the competition for our fee. We also fill out most of your lender required forms to save them time underwriting your loan.

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*Hire Us Now* Your construction lending experts

for your purchase or refinance & get the money to renovate your home or small income unit all in one 30-year fixed, low- interest loan. Minor or MAJOR work is okay with this program.

Buyers - Call us for your 203k consultation, we should be the first inspectors on your project to insure your contractor's are looking at the entire scope of work.

So many times the lender will get you out there with contractors and you will tell one everything you want to do, then the next one, you'll think of something else you want to do, and then you finally get around to calling us and we find things you didn't know you had to do and the contractors all have to rebid those new things.

The fastest way to close your 203k loan is to use a team and get us out there FIRST.  




Low interest construction money for owner occupants AND investors is now available
nationally. Up to $3,000,000.

Yes, we said investors too, call for more info



Award winning 203k Report Writing Software 

for our latest software for consultants & contractors

This version is loaded with new features, more forms, & has our proprietary system for recapturing the Streamlined "k" business for our 203k consultant clients and trainees.

Want the best of all worlds - get all of our marketing strategies, training aids, and we'll help you market YOUR business in YOUR town by being one of our business partners.

Remember that when you purchase our software you own the license and there is no annual fee or charges per report. You can do as many reports as you like with no additional fees paid to us.

There are lots of areas still open but we do restrict the number of "remote offices" available in a marketing area. Be better than the rest by joining the company that prides itself on "Providing more than our clients expect"

Sell those fixers faster, any condition

Asset Managers

Move your listings FASTER

Why not move your listings faster than your competition. We have home buyers looking to purchase your fixers as well as financing for investors. Our lenders can close in 30-45 days and some in 21-30 days for owner occupants.

That is the name of the game isn't it?

Actually it all comes down to KNOWING what it will cost to make the repairs in THIS home. If you have a "fixer" you are trying to sell and you have identified the cost to cure or make the necessary repairs then you have a salable home again.

No one wants to step into the unknown particularly a "first time home buyer" get your bank to cut loose with a little money to have us do a "feasibility analysis" which will identify the cost to make the repairs

1) to bring this home up to the Minimum Property Standards and

2) a second feasibility analysis to bring this this home to a "typical" upgraded condition.

By doing these two feasibility analysis I can assure you that your "hard to sell" homes will be easier to sell, will sell faster, and the buyers will have more information about YOUR listing than any of the other asset managers properties and therefore Yours sell faster.

I know most of you are selling 500-1,000 homes per year but as greedy as you can be, wouldn't you like to sell another 250-500 on top of that? By the way, you would be doing your employer a service by getting the "hard to sell" properties off their books faster as well. Everyone wins !

Who can do a feasibility analysis? That is easy, every FHA 203k consultant can do them. They don't all want to do them but FHA says if you are a consultant you MUST offer that service.

What does it cost for this service? I can't speak for other consultants on this issue but we have a set fee of $300 for the first unit on a project & $50 each for units 2-4. If you order both at the same time, a bare bones feasibility for a "first time home buyer" who may be on a very tight budget then that is all you need.

Then if you order the "fully updated" feasibility at the same time we will do both of them for a flat $500 for the two for a SFR plus $75 for units 2-4. YOU save your client $200.

Some of the agents who handle lots of REOs for asset managers are finding that even if they pay the fee they move many more houses and that is what they are supposed to do.

How to become a 203k Consultant - HUD

If you are wondering what you could do to enhance your existing home inspection or contracting business or start one from scratch, this may be just what the doctor ordered.

Home Inspectors, contractors, and architects are already there. You already have the knowledge base in your arsenal.

We fill in the gaps by offering you 203k consultant training. You may have the construction background to qualify even if you don't have one of these credentials.

Our 203k training package takes you to the next level. We have trained hundreds of 203k consultants nationally since 1995 and continue to do so today.

We not only teach you about the 203k loan program but "how to" conduct the 203k consultation.

We show you how to make the bid specifications so all the contractors who may bid on your project are bidding apples to apples.

A poorly written specification results in allot of headaches during the process. While a well written specification takes the drudgery out of it and makes it easy to provide the draw inspections.

We have completed thousands of projects and our software for consultants is designed to keep you and your lender out of trouble.

The contracts we provide are HUD recommended and come as part of our 203k software or 203k consulting software, whichever you may choose to call it.

We typically call it 203k software as we have designed it to handle several other similar products as well. If you are doing a HomeStyleŽRenovation loan by FannieMae you just click on a button and all the forms will be populated with their name instead of 203k pertinent data.

Similarly Wells Fargo has their own rehab program, just a click of a button and your forms are populated with their information.

In addition some of the lenders have forms unique to them which are added this same easy way... just a click and you have it.

Now the kicker - 15 CE Credit for our course with ASHI and CREIA

203k Lenders will love that you use our 203k software and have take our 203k training as our software will provide the lender with 100% of everything they need to add to their 203b paperwork to make it a 203k.

This includes a MMW (Maximum Mortgage Worksheet). While the MMW is a form that the lender is required to fill out, all they have to do it take your numbers and insert them on their form and it is done for them.

If you have a lender who takes our "203k training" we will extend your 203k consulting software to them as well and unlock it on your behalf so they can take the file electronically and then they can adjust the numbers if needed before they print the MMW for themselves.

We enjoy assisting you as you take off on this 203k journey and are happy to take your emails and answer any questions that we can to help make your business more profitable and enjoyable for you.

You can always reach us at info@203kOnLine.com.

That is correct... Your very own "in house" consultants so you get to schedule them.
We can provide this service anywhere in the country, wherever the need exists.
We train investors to create bid specs, and provide them the owner/contractor contract that will keep them out of court...go to our.203k training course above.


I've always looked at the 203k as a team sport, even when I first got involved with it. When we put out our audio tapes in 1998 we even discussed it.

You are only as good as your 'team' in any case. If your consultant can't write a good report, the lender won't have much to work with and on the other hand if the lender can't get the loan closed it doesn't matter how good the 203k consultant writes the report. T

his is true of the rest of the team as well. Your teams each should have a Lender that can close an FHA loan, even a 203b quickly.

Our trained 203k consultants will provide 100% of the 203k portion so the lenders can take our MMW and use it to help them fill out their form... it is their responsibility but we try to make it easier for them.

If we all do our part of the project and then pass the baton to the next team member this frees us up to get the next project started.

Example: A 203k loan may begin anywhere by any one of the team members. We quite often get calls from our websites or the HUD website from a borrower... we immediately asses the situation and more than likely we'll send them to a lender to get that process started.

They may already have a property, that is okay, we still need to get that lender take on the borrower to be sure they are credit worthy. Not wanting to waste time or the borrower's money we need to verify they have the ability to get the 203k loan going.

If they don't have a property then we suggest a realtor or agent to help them find one in a neighborhood of their choosing.

We may actually start consulting to determine what type property they might want. There are several possibilities in this realm.

Once they locate a property suitable for their needs we set up a 203k consultation and inspect the property to create the 203k bid specifications.

Once those 203k specs are complete the borrower should look them over to be sure everything looks like they want it. Then they go to the lender.

The lender takes the 203k specs and provides that information to the appraiser and the appraisal is completed with an 'after improved' value. Once we reach this point the loan should close within a week or so typically.

Once the loan closes the borrower needs to get that information to the contractor so they can get that project in their schedule.

This is an important step as this is the only way the contractor has of learning the loan has closed.

They have up to 30 days to get their first draw inspection but in most cases they will have someone start long before that. In many cases they will start within a few days of your closing the loan.

Go to the "Procedure Link" at the left side of this page near the top to see where to go from here or to place an order go to www.my203kconsultant.com or order here

Mike Young, 203k Consultant

PMB 168, 5055 Business Center Drive, Ste 108. Fairfield, CA 94533


Cell phone 1.704.451.1599

Be part of our network of consultant partners, maybe we should talk about it.

We look forward to helping you build your 203k business.

Know that this is much more than just 203k, you will be trained in all renovation loan products that you can also consult on.

You will have access to our marketing materials and power point presentations to increase your "Referral Partner" Base too.

We have referral partners that provide a considerable amount of work for us in the FHA 203k loan program.

We'll show you a way to finance 80% of the pool repairs or even add a swimming pool to a home that doesn't have one.

Can you move a home from another site using the FHA 203k loan?

I've always found it interesting to see a home going down the street on it's way to another site, just waiting for someone to throw out some dish water out the back door... lol , not really

In the case of moving a home from one site to another several things must be present to qualify for a 203k loan.

1) The house being move must be on it's original foundation. It can't have been moved already to a storage sit while awaiting a lot to move it to.

2) HUD engineering must observe the home on the present site prior to the move and at the new location once sit & bolted on the new foundation.

3) The mover's insurance must cover the home during the move. Looking at the contract this mover has it suggests the borrower is responsible for damages up to $2,500, I don't think this will fly with HUD but apparently the borrower is willing to accept that responsibility. We'll see.

Once the home is bolted to the new foundation a draw payment can be made that covers the moving expenses as well per the 203k loan program.

The one we are doing right now is being moved onto a site that has a well and needs a septic system. In all cases the well and septic work must be part of the first draw or you may find you are waiting until it is. This sounds logical but years ago I was working on the first draw on a stick built home for a lender client. The home had a new foundation, the sub floor was installed, the well worked, and when I asked about the septic system was informed they hadn't started that yet.

I reported to the bank and told them I instructed the borrower to have the septic system ready for inspection at the next draw (not an FHA loan by the way). He agreed. I went to the draw 2 inspection to find out that they couldn't "perk" and a new "hillside" septic system is being installed at an additional cost of $70,000. I was shocked that they didn't have to pass the "perk test" prior to getting the building permits issued. Who would have guessed?

4) Permits is another issue, if you need permits on a job for the work that you plan to do... get them early. It might even save you a fine. I once had a fixer we had just foreclosed on. I had the property secured and hired a guy to mow the lawn. He called me and told me the building inspection department was pissed off at me and red tagged my building telling him he must STOP work and get off the property. 

I immediately went to the building inspection department and told them of the incident. They looked it up and said "yes, here it is with a note that you are hereby fined and must pay double permit fees".

I said okay how much do I owe you... they said it isn't that easy we need to make an appointment to visit the property to see just how much work has been done... I said bring it on.. so far we just mowed about half the front lawn. Some of these inspection departments are just a little wacky.

The inspection cost me $25 and the inspector was the same one who 'red tagged' the property. When she made the inspection and found no work had been done she was a little red faced. I asked her why she sent the lawn mower guy away.. it isn't typically permitted. She got a little more red. Life is fun, then you...

Lender Training

now available. Be the best you can be. We'll show you how to provide the best possible service, help you with your Quality Control program, getting you set up right in the beginning can make all the difference in your success or failure with the FHA 203k.

Did you know the lender is REQUIRED to choose the consultant yet we see borrower's changing that assigned consultant now and again. We'll even show you what works and what works better with your marketing efforts.

Why spend a lot of money on things that we already know "doesn't work" marketing the FHA 203k loan program is so simple that most won't do it, thinking it is so easy it won't work... we prove it works, every time, If you want more loans this simple and inexpensive technique works wonders.

Call for an estimate tailored to your needs

1.707.812.7668 ask for Mike


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Borrower's Guide


an excellent resource for lenders & consultants

Borrowers can save up to $750 with info in this book

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Contractor's Guide to the 203k loan program

One of our most recent books


Why you should you use a consultant for your Limited 203k ?

Simple answer is that you don't always know when it is a Limited 203k or a Standard 203k. We had a glazier buying a home... he felt that he could repair the broken windows so they had the contractor bid on the roof, carpeting, & new kitchen leaving off the broken windows. The appraiser called the broken windows tripping this into a Standard 203k requiring a consultant. Had they merely mentioned this ahead of time this would have been a Limited 203k.

Another one we just saw appeared to have structural issues in and about the garage but turned out that we were removing the garage which then removed the structural issue & left it a Limited 203k. Had they wanted to repair the garage it was a Standard 203k.

Having your consultant do the inspection on the property can let you know sooner that is one or the other, & in some cases save it as a Limited 203k. Ask your home inspector if they are 203k certified.

Consultant Corner

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Training Center

What is a 203k consultant?

I get approved consultants that call interested in our Award Winning software... One that called the other day thought our software provided way too much paperwork, much more than they needed or wanted. YIKES! Are they really consulting? NOT.

Our trained consultants obviously do a lot more for our clients than our competitors. We provide 100% of the paperwork that, when added to your 203b paperwork, is ready to submit to underwriting. Since the MMW is required to be filled out by the lender you merely take our numbers and input them on your MMW. Lenders should insist that your consultant has had training from us or gets their CE from us. Continuing Education is essential in any industry.


your loan

Want to get your loan to close faster? Of course you do. It is easy if you put together all of your financial data and have it ready to hand to your lender upon application. You can even get your 1003 application form filled out in advance. Don't wait till the last minute, find a house, then start gathering this info... it may take you a week to get it together. The loan application period starts after you turn this info in to your lender.

Click here for an application kit


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