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About Us

What is a renovation loan?

Simply put "purchase or refinance money with money to fix up your home, or small income units, all in one "low interest" loan. 

We are one of the largest consultants in the USA. We work with you to create a viable scope of work then actually bid the job for you. This puts you in the driver's seat when negotiating with your contractor(s).

We also provide 203k consultant training & software for consultants


Renovation Financing Options

We can tell you what lenders can do what they say and more importantly which ones can perform to get your loan closed faster.

So before you run out there and find a lender check them out. Be sure they have closed a 203k loan recently, ask them what their turn around time was on their last five or ten.

203k Buyer's guide - consultant's guide

Use a Team to close your loan

The Mike Young Team of 203k consultants has been providing 203k & HomeStyle® inspections since 1994. Experience counts. A proven effective team over and over again. Use the "order consultation services here" link below to place your order and get the process started.

This guide is available on Amazon, just click on the book cover.

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Use our "Love MY Renovation Project" radio show to gain more knowledge before you take the plunge into a project. They can actually be very rewarding. Click on the link for more info.


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Handy Downloads

Here are some pertinent downloads you might be interested in. 

Basics is simple a short rendition of what you can and can't do with a 203k and HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage

Procedure helps you understand the process from start to finish.

HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage guideline

Interesting info on the FHA 203k and related loan products

Consulting services

  • If you order a consultation your FHA 203k consultant should assist you in putting together a scope of work and then provide a bid on that project. This way you have a reasonable expectation of the cost of your project. If they are doing this they aren't doing their job.
  • You may need a "feasibility report". This has a distinct function. It is low cost and provides you with the tools you need to make an educated offer on the property. We provide these for buyers and sellers. Sellers should use this product so they can't get bushwhacked by a low-ball offer. They know up front what it will cost to bring the home to HUD's Minimum Property Standards. A potential buyer uses this report to see just what it will cost to bring this home to the MPS's so they can make the correct offer.
  • Contractors, are you too busy to take time out to bid a project... we can do that for you when you are too busy. We bid the project so when you visit the property for the first time you have a proposed bid in hand. You tune it up if needed and it took you about 1/10th the time it would have to actually bid the project. If you don't get the job, we don't get paid. Lets talk.

Available Training

Lenders - We come to you and train your staff to close renovation loans faster than the competition.

FHA 203k Consultants - We have the best consultant training in the business. Learn how to be a 203k consultant and a consultant for several other programs.

Contractors - Learn how you can increase your business volume. We will show you how to access more business than you thought was available to bidon .


1) Can we get money up front for my 203k project? Yes and no, many lenders are now allowing you to get a 10% payment at close of escrow but not all lenders participate. You will need a W9 from the supplier and an invoice from that suppler for most lenders.

2) Can we get money to pay for the cabinets when we order them? Yes, you can get a 50% deposit with your FHA 203k loan there is no such provision for HomeStyle loans though some lenders are allowing it, one is allowing up to 20-25% up front to get started.

3) How do I fire my contractor? This would always be a last resort. Not an easy thing to do and you should contact an attorney. For the short answer go to www.203k911.com